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•  Oscar Mancino "The Voice of Naples" , The North Wall Theatre le 7 avril 2009, nouvelle production artistique. 

La Presse en parle... Daily  Info,  Oxford   -2009-        

Oscar Mancino: The Voice of Naples, The North Wall, Tue 7 April


It did what it said on the tin! We left the North Wall with big smiles on our faces, a spring in our steps and beautiful music ringing in our ears. There was a very good turn out indeed for what most would have expected to be a straightforward concert of familiar Neapolitan songs. We were in for a big surprise. The Neapolitan lyric artist Oscar Mancino treated us to a spell-binding show full of humour, magically theatrical in parts, with opaque textile partitions almost hiding from view the very talented bandoneon player, Jérémy Vannereau, who eventually sneaked out wearing a Pulcinella mask and got a big cheer from the audience. A rear projection of slides and video images of Naples, and a nostalgic extract from Vittorio De Sica’s film L’Oro di Napoli accompanied by Oscar Mancino’s composition for piano, helped set the scene, transporting us into the heart of Naples. Another surprise was that the songs were all originals, specifically composed for Oscar Mancino, and taken from his CD ’The Voice of Naples’  

Oscar Mancino’s tremendous voice, passion and artistry overcame the language barrier and by the time we left the theatre we felt we had known him, and the songs, forever : Comme si bella Napule indeed,  Maestro! 



Musicae Amore, 20/04/09


 OSCAR MANCINO   Lien The North Wall Theatre


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